About Us

Worship Times
Breakfast Fellowship @ 9:00
Sunday School @ 9:45
Worship @ 11:00, 5:00
Wednesday evening youth supper, classes, prayer @ 6:30

What to Expect
When you come to MCBC, you come to a group of ordinary folks, who serve an extraordinary God. We are a family of believers who live in this fallen world, endure suffering, troubles, but know that we serve a God who is in the details of our life. You will hear a blend of music, expository preaching, and a commitment to the Word of God in teaching, ministries and life.

We believe the Bible to be inerrant, and absolute true. It is our source for life’s issues in the daily walk we face. For a broad view of our beliefs we affirm the following:
Baptist Faith and Message
Over the centuries many confession, affirmations and statements have been adopted, changed and updated. It is important that our only sure statement is what the Scriptures say. Therefore, we agree with various different confessions on subjects we adhere to the Word of God. Some statements of generations past are still good for today’s post modern culture.
The London Baptist Confession of 1689
There are many other statements over the years such as The Nicene Creed, The Apostles’ Creed and the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy in 1978. Our final authority of faith and matter is the Word of God.